FTW began in late 2010 as a fun experiment in our parentsí garage.  We thought it would be cool to make unique body shells for our own 1:10 buggies. At last we succeeded, and when we showed up to the track with our first prototypes people laughed, then asked where to buy them. Our entrepreneurial instincts kicked in, and we decided to found an R/C company.

FTW Racing Components was established in January of 2011. We set out to do things differently, not simply for the sake of being different, but rather to push the limits of form and function while staying true to our principles.  Our products would be of impeccable quality, brash in design, and truly functional. Everything would be done in-house. Outsourcing, if required, would be done locally. Most importantly, we determined to have fun.

We achieved all of that; and if that was our goal, we have won. 

Now, it is time for us to set our sights elsewhere. Today, FTW exits the R/C industry. 

We are infinitely grateful to everyone who encouraged us, bought our products, promoted our products, raced with us, and became a part of a million great memories; and in doing so were part of Team FTW. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

For The Win has always been about more than crossing the finish line first; it is about winning at living life true to our beliefs. We will continue striving to #liveFTW and we hope you will too.